Jun. 21st, 2012 06:29 am
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Raks: 27

---Locked--- ---Locked---
Clear Mind The weapon spreads a sense of wisdom, making the Player calmer and more logical.
Decoy The Player can switch places with their Weapon at will.
Enigma Field Everything the opposing weapon(s) and player(s) say automatically comes out as a riddle for as long as the player and weapon who activated this ability speak in riddles.
Form Change The weapon changes its form to another shape. Counts as a separate ability for each form, and each form must be unlocked separately.
||Assassin's Knife==>Curved Single Edge Blade||

Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
Memory ---Locked---
  • Uniform
  • PDA (Audio/video upgrade)
  • Trophy "Awarded to Cheshire for Best Use of Raks"
Note: His two eaten Raks are now on Prospit

Memories still lost:
  • He is a Cat.
  • Alice
  • how to walk on four legs
  • that he can't walk through doors
  • how to get down from trees
  • the difference between a raven and a writing desk
  • the name "Wonderland"
  • that humans are not supposed to have fur
  • the Hatter
  • that he has forgotten anything.
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I'm asking your permissions for three things here; following, stalking, and room crashing!

Right now, I imagine that Cheshire gets bored sometimes while wandering around. He might begin following people and trying to not be seen, mostly as a game; see if he can still disappear without actually disappearing. On the way he might overhear something or figure out where your character lives, but he won't be actively trying to remember this or be likely to bring it up. He'll probably also soon forget what was said.
Stalking: He has not had a desire or need to do any of this yet, but in Wonderland he liked to know everyone's business because of the unrest within the country. In the future he may want to follow around certain people to learn more about the situation and plans of various parties, and would be committing them to memory. If it is anything major I will still ask before hand, but otherwise he would try to come to learn about habits and schedules and histories of who he can. He won't be repeating this information in anything less than confusing references, but if he does, I will ask further permissions.

Room Crashing: Cheshire has a lovely habit of showing up unannounced, and is more than willing to try to sneak into people's rooms. He has no problem opening a closed but unlocked door, or opening a window, or anything else, just to sleep on their bed.
Character name Stalking? Following? Room Crashing?

Rakuen App

Jun. 20th, 2011 03:09 pm
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Name: Jynxed/Ri
Journal: thenynxed
Contact information: phoenixaenigma
Other characters: Alex Furest
Do you need an invite code? nuh-uh
Do you want a buddy? nopeRead more... )


Dec. 29th, 2010 05:21 am
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 I really want to get better playing Cheshire. Hopefully, one day every post will be perfectly in character!

Screening on because I am the most insecure ever. Anon also on because I respect your privacy. IP logging on because there are trolly jerks out there. 

Love is also accepted here because see reason one! ^_^'


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